Multiresolution and fast decompression
for optimal web-based rendering

Source code is available at: while some documentation is available at

The mesh compression library, now termed Corto has been extracted and is available at:

Happy Buddha Comparison

happy.ply is a 1M triangle mesh with color per vertex, 22Mbytes as a binary ply.

We copied on our server the demo pages from a few web 3d soluitions and limited the bandwidth to 5Mbit/s in apache using mod_bandwidth. The link to the original pages is on the right.

You might want to turn the cache off when reloading the page.
In Chrome there is a gear icon, located at the top right hand corner of the developer tools called settings that allows you to disable the cache. On the pc you can open that by pressing ctrl+shift+i or on the mac command+option+i

We tested, although not extensively, the demos also on mobile (Android and iOs).


Results and Demo

Model sizeProgressiveMesh Compression*url
Our method3.9Mbyteyes17%
Webgl-loader3.0Mbyte (gz)no30%
Pop buffers15Mbyteyes65%


Support for textured models can be seen here:

Monreale capital 4.7M faces, 100MB uncompressed, 12M compressed, 2MB textures.

Sarcophagus 14M faces, 287MB uncompressed, 36MB compressed, 3.3MB textures

Small cave 196MB uncompressed, 20MB compressed, 4.7MB texture

Clay toy 6.5M faces, 128MB uncompressed, 14MB compressed, 700KB texture

Larger examples

Portalada 180 Million triangles, a 621MB (compressed) model (was 3.6GB in PLY format), with color, non bandwidth limited.

San Silvestro ambient occlusion, multi-viewstereo matching with images taken with a UAV, a 28MB (compressed) model (was 179MB in PLY), 9 Million triangles, with color, non bandwidth limited.

Sarcophagus of Spouses a 171MB (compressed) model (was 1.2GB in PLY), 60 Million triangles, with color, non bandwidth limited.

Statue of Bonifacio VIII a 198MB (compressed) model (was 1.6GB in PLY format), 84 Million, triangles, no color, non bandwidth limited..